Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships - "Multicultural Early Childhood Education - MECEC+” project

The goal of the project “MECEC+” is to realize a compared analysis on early childhood education and care in three countries (Italy, Tuscany - Hungary, Budapest region - Spain, Catalonia) through the analysis of skills, educators’ training and studies, systems and regulations reference, and the observation of educational services for children.

The partner organizations are: Galileo Progetti Nonprofit Kft., coordinator; ELTE University of Budapest; Józsefvárosi Egyesített Bölcsödék of Budapest; Arca Cooperativa Sociale; University of Florence; Serveis a les persones - ENCIS.

The overall objective in the long term is to contribute to improving the inclusion of disadvantaged children for the development of their skills, for guaranteeing equal opportunity at the entrance of the school, and the necessary skills to achieve good learning outcomes: the preschool education has the highest returns in terms of results and social adaptation of children. The children considered at risk of social exclusion in this project are in particular cultural minorities (ROM) and immigrants, and children at risk of poverty or below the threshold of poverty.



MECEC+Final Publication - versione italiana

MECEC+ Final Publication - Spanish version

Galileo Progetti Nonprofit Kft
ELTE University of Budapest
Józsefvárosi Egyesített Bölcsődék of Budapest
Arca Cooperativa Sociale
Università degli Studi di Firenze
Serveis a les persones - ENCIS

MECEC+ project - Nursery visit in Budapest
MECEC+ project - International training activity
ARCA - Guidelines for the education and the care of the young children

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