Erasmus+ KA1 VET – International Mobility – “TOPIC - TOscana Professioni Infermieristiche in Chianti” project (2018-1-HU01-KA102-047442) 
The members of the consortium are: Galileo Progetti Nonprofit Kft. (Coordinator), Kanizsay Dorottya Catholic High School and Healthcare Secondary and Vocational School, MSZC Ferenczi Sándor Healthcare Vocational School, Kaposvári SZC Szigeti-Gyula János Healthcare Secondary and Vocational School.

Galileo and the consortium members have already successfully collaborated in previous projects, and the TOPIC project is pursuing good practices implemented under these projects by combining the already partner sending schools and their competences into a consortium, designing student and staff mobilities in the healthcare and social field.

The consortium cooperation has been established between a consortium leader proficient in the management of international networks and implementation of international projects, and three schools representing the healthcare and social vocational education of three Hungarian regions, with a view to developing competences, exchanging good practices and experiences between the VET sector and the world of work, thereby modernizing the training offering of schools, approaching training and the world of work. The host partner is the Arca Cooperativa Sociale in Florence, Italy, which represents all aspects of the social sector: it manages social, educational and healthcare services in Tuscany and has successfully hosted European mobilities several times.

The specific objectives of the TOPIC project are: - 40 nurse nurse practitioner (NTR: 54 723 02) and social worker and nurse practicioner (NTR: 34 762 01) students and freshly graduated students from the three sending schools, doing a professional internship at nursing homes for the elderly managed by Arca, in Tuscany: 4 long-term ErasmusPro student mobility (3.5 months), 36 short-term student mobility (5-week); the aim is for future nurses and social nurses to complement their experience gained in the home vocational training with work experiences achieved in another European country, within their own field of expertise, in a modern institution providing high level services and modern equipment, and to develop their professional, personal and language competencies; -Mobility of 12 VET staff in a study visit in Tuscany: job shadowing / observation activities at Arca's facilities, with the aim of developing their professional knowledge. 


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