Erasmus+ KA1 VET – International Mobility – ED.IT

Educazione della prima infanzia in Italia” (2018-1-HU01-KA102-047362) 
EDIT – Early Childhood Education in Italy is an Erasmus+ KA1 transnational mobility project for students and staff in vocational training (VET).

The project focuses on the Multicultural Education of Children aged between 0 and 3 (ECEC – Early Child Education and Care), and it is connected with the goals and actions of the Erasmus+ KA2 “MECEC+” project, in which the coordinator and the host institution are partners, whose goal is to modernize and improve the professional training of young children’s educator’s quality in perspective of multiculturality and inclusion.

The Multicultural Education of Children aged between 0 and 3 is indeed an extremely current and important argument for the society and the European Union: the inclusion of immigrants, ethnic minorities like Roma and their children, especially by education, is one of the priorities of the policy makers of the EU. The preschool educational services is an important weapon to prevent failures in school and to help the social inclusion, not only of the children, but of their parents also. The European researches in this field shows that nowadays how important is to create occasions which help the cohesiveness and the social equality, the protection and the promotion of the rights of childhood and equal opportunities, the fight against poverty. The training of young children’s educators has to follow the changes going on in society, in order to give to the actual and future professionals competences adequate not only to manage groups of ethnically and culturally mixed children the best possible way, but even to guarantee the precocious education to achieve it’s assignment (to give to every children and their families equal opportunities and competences to have a successful life in school and at work as well). EDIT’s goal is to offer training to the staff’s members and the students (OKJ code: 54 761 02) of the organizations of the consortium (the VET school ’Ferenczi Sándor’ of Miskolc, the VET school ’Kossuth Zsuzsa’ of Szeged, and the Hungarian National Nursery Association - “Magyar Bölcsödék Egyesülete” – of Budapest), to focus the attention on this theme and to develop the competences of the actual and future educators. The activities envisaged to reach these goals are: -preparatory activities in Hungary ; -transnational mobility of staff – professional study visits and jobshadowing for 6 members of the staff; -short-lasting transnational mobility for 12 students (4 weeks) ; -long- lasting transnational mobility for 4 students and neo-graduates (6 months). The transnational mobilities are done in multicultural nurseries in Italy, thanks to the host organization “Cooperativa Sociale ARCA” in Florence, leader in the management of services for childhood and in the field of multiculturality and inclusion. The expected consequences are the growth of the partecipants’ and stakeholders’ interest and awareness in the fundamental importance of the education in the first years of life and in the importance of this education for the creation of a more fair society, and the modernization of trainings for the students and the update of the professionals in this perspective.

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