Pre-school services

Pre-school area


The Arca Cooperative has been running nurseries, educational playgrounds, parent and child groups and childminding services mainly in the area in and around Florence since 1989, both as private initiatives and on behalf of numerous town councils.

Over the years, we have built up strong planning skills which have put us in teh position to provide an ever-better response to the needs and requests from the local institutions and the families themselves. We promote innovative services which combine a high quality of education with flixible and wide-ranging solutions.

Arca Cooperative has expanded through initiatives whose common denominator is the desire to create top quality projects integrated into the community, while striving to assume increasingly broad management responsibility.


Education project


Our education project supports the idea that children are active individuals, who make their own experiences, and are able to develop relationship with a range of adult figures and other young children.

The education project

  • responds to the children's specific needs and rights to be able benefit from a setting that promotes respect for each individual's unique traits, boosts their skills, supports their personal goal of self-realisation, and offers a context where they can live meaningful experiences in the presence of stable interpersonal relationship;
  • respects personal dignity, solidarity and equal opportunities, as well as setting value by gender differences and guaranteeing integration of children from different cultures and with disabilities;
  • promotes the practice of welcoming the families'needs, expectations and resources;
  • recognises the importance of the active partecipation of adults, and the parents in particular, in sharing and accomplishing the project aims:
  • integrates the service in a community network with the aim of spreading infant culture.

Presentation of Arca Cooperativa Sociale

The Arca cooperative was established in 1983 and is concerned with the management of social, welfare and educational services which it designs and provides privately or part funded by public administrations. Arca operates in the provinces of Florence, Livorno, Lucca, Pisa and Pistoia, with services aimed at the elderly, minors, the disabled, drug users, pre-school children and people with psychiatric problems. Through its many projects and programmes, the Arca cooperative pursues the general well-being of the community and the promotion and integration of its citizens. It is organised as an enterprise which combines the principles of cooperation, participation and democracy. To that effect, it has taken shape over the years as a non-profit social enterprise, recognized at both national and EU level for its implementation of social policies attentive to local needs and promotion of new employment. Arca is a member of the Metropoli consortium which unites type A and B cooperatives* in the metropolitan area between the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia. The objective of the consortium is to promote its cooperative members by taking care of their project planning and management. In addition, the cooperative is also a member of Pegaso, which was created to form a stable network for development and innovation among the Tuscan cooperatives. It strives to boost the greatest resource of the cooperatives in Tuscany, namely the broadness and diversification of the type A and B cooperatives that operate in the region to build welfare community strategies in a dynamic and active relationship with the local areas.


Arca Cooperative is a member of the National League of Cooperatives and Mutual Aid Associations.

Arca has promoted and sponsored the establishment of two type B cooperatives - Ulisse and Nuova Chianti - whose aim is to get disadvantaged people into the world of work.


Responsibility and quality. These are the basic factors underlying an activity – the management of social, health and educational services – that has been going on for more than twenty years. Responsibility regards: the cooperative staff who are aware that they perform services that have a profound influence on the quality of life of a large part of the beneficiaries; the organisation and management of the services, as can be seen by the staff training, minimum levels of turnover and guarantee of top health and safety conditions for everyone. As a result, we get a high-quality service, which is not just what the cooperative says, it is recognised and perceived by its users. Responsibility and quality. This is what sets Arca Cooperative apart as a reliable partner for the whole community in the creation of a sustainable welfare project.

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